private investigator shiloh tamblyn

So I’ve had all weekend to think, and I came to three big conclusions.

  1. Madelyn didn’t hitchhike to California
  2. I’m all alone in thinking that
  3. I’m gonna have to find her myself

The police think Madelyn’s run off to California and they’ve all agreed that one single note is enough evidence to bank their whole investigation on it, despite her abandoned car in the middle of the woods and the total lack of other evidence.

Georgia hates me for being oblivious, which is fair, I also hate me for being oblivious, and the only other people that think Maddie didn’t run off to California are fake FBI agents.

I was nice and sad about that all weekend but this morning I woke up totally clear headed. Yeah okay, I’m an oblivious idiot. But you know what? Madelyn hid it from me intentionally, okay? I can’t hate myself for not reading her mind (but I’m gonna keep trying). She’s my soulmate and she hid some crazy shit from me and that’s not cool Madelyn it’s fucked up.

I’ve got some ass to beat, I just gotta find it first.

I figure I just gotta look at the data and try to make connections. How hard can it be? Just call me PI Shiloh Tamblyn.

Hahahahaha Maddie’s so screwed.

Okay so here’s what I know:

1. Maddie woke up in the woods by herself without any memories of how she got there on September 13th.

2. She disappeared from my house on September 14th at some point between when we went to sleep at like 2:45 am and when I woke up to pee at like 6 am.

3. Her car was found that weekend, abandoned on a logging road

4. Apparently she thought she was having visions in which I died, and they were super traumatic. She was seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist

5. September 28th that stupid letter arrived saying she was in California

6. The mysterious Hawthorne brothers, who are not FBI agents, are searching for her? For some reason?

7. Apparently Maddie was doing a bunch of drugs?

What else do I know? I have literally no idea what else I know. Like what do you do to solve a crime?

Okay I did some googling. Step one is to retrace her last known whereabouts, which actually doesn’t do me much good, because Maddie was last seen at my house. We fell asleep in bed and when I woke up she was gone. That was it. Dead end.

Step two is to follow any leads uncovered during step one so that’s sort of a bust.

But there is one lead that as far as I know no one else has bothered to look into: Maddie woke up in the woods the night before she disappeared. She said she didn’t know how she got out there and I believe her. Maybe that’s where I can find my lead? Right? Maybe?

There’s only one other person to wake up out there this year.

I need to talk to Tilly Marlow.

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