time to revisit my arsonist roots

I’m sitting in Mr. Herman’s history class right now.

He’s up there, lecturing about the industrial revolution, telling jokes that all we all laugh at like he’s god’s gift to earth, he’s so relatable and cool everyone’s favorite teacher Mr. Herman.

I’ve never wanted to do physical harm to another person more than I do right now.

How dare he stand at the front of this classroom knowing that he once chained up my best friend in a cellar? How can he come into this building knowing what he’s done to students here? How can he grade my papers? How can he see my face without feeling sick?

Julian would probably insist we not hurt anyone, but I bet Neal would let me kill him.

I want to kill them all. I recognize why I shouldn’t, provided I’m not in the room with any of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to burn them off the earth so that Black Lake is safe again and Madelyn can come home.

I’m ready to go out and do something right fucking now.

Neal and Julian are insisting we wait. They want to wait, see what they’re up to, figure out what it is exactly that they’re trying to sacrifice to. Figure out a plan to take them down and keep everyone safe. Blah blah. We know who did it, we know what they’re trying to do, we know who their victims are likely to be. What else do we need to know really? I want to go in there guns blazing. I don’t give a shit. These fuckers terrified me in the woods wearing fucking masks. They took my best friend. I hope they burn.

Neal and Julian insist they aren’t in the business of killing people, and like I get that if I really thought about it I don’t want to murder the town librarian. I don’t want to kill Tilly’s father. Neal and Julian say we can wait and come up with a solution that isn’t going to get us all thrown into prison.

Neal and Julian don’t have to sit in class one of these assholes.

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