tis the season

Well, I went back to school. It was the last day before winter break. Like what do you want me to say, you know? I was at school. Everyone stared at me. I tried to think of what Madelyn would do if she were me, but I have no idea. Madelyn can look at a problem and just know what to do. I can never imagine her solutions until I’m watching them play out. It’s like magic every time.

Georgia has been dealing with it by being a huge bitch, which like, hey whatever works you know? When Georgia gives you her bitch, can I help you? look you evaporate. Them’s the rules man, I don’t make em up.

No one evaporates when I glare at them.

I spent all day expecting Bella Short to be around talking a whole bunch of shit, but she wasn’t. She’s dead. Everything got really fucked up.

Maddie, if you’re out there, and you’re reading this please come home. Please? Please come home?

I take the bus to and from school. I sit in the last seat. No one talks to me, or looks at me.

I’m never going to Mr. Herman’s class again. I’ll fail it. I don’t care. According to the police everyone decided not to press charges against Georgia and I, considering everything we’d been through lately, and I suppose Mr. Herman thinks that’s enough of a white flag. He tried to approach me in the hall earlier and I literally fucking ran for it. Byee 👋🏻

I miss Tilly. I miss Madelyn. God help me, I miss Neal and Julian. How could they leave me here? What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

I walked to the Circum street house after school today hoping Celeste might be there, but she wasn’t. Feather Dog was excited to see me though. He’s desolate without Neal, so he made a complete disaster of the house — he’s chewed up all the furniture with his huge ass teeth. I pity the Realtor that has to explain that hahaha.

I got nothing else. It’s Christmas almost. ‘Tis the season to be jolly I guess

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