social holidays

Happy New Years Eve. Welcome to the end of the most trash year of all time ever.

I hate high pressure social holidays. Madelyn was always the one that handled that shit for me. Like she’d drag me along to these parties and I’d hate it and she’d be exasperated, but then we’d both be glad I was there to witness all the drama.

So then tonight I tried to think of it like nice I don’t have to go out tonight, I finally get to have the New Years Eve of my dreams: cookies on the couch in front of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (damn the X-Files for ending), asleep by 9:30. But that’s not how I feel. Now that there’s no one to invite me out it’s all I want to do.

Like I don’t want to want to go out — what I want is for someone to tell me I have to so I can fuss about it the whole time. Madelyn got that. Fuck me.

Ok I don’t know what cruel god is listening (I shouldn’t joke about that magic is real now) but Georgia just called me to see if I would go to Trevor Fabriano’s party tonight.

“You don’t have to come,” she added. “I wouldn’t have invited you at all, except I’m pretty sure like most of the senior class is going to be there and everyone else is scared to call you. So like, no pressure. But if you want to come, we can go together.”

Obviously I wanted very very badly to say no way. I was thinking of ten thousand excuses to stay home, and then I opened my mouth and “yeah sure, I’ll come.”

“Really?” Georgia said. “Cool. I’m getting a ride with Warren Miller and Keith Handell. We’ll come get you at like 9.”

It’s been a while, so in case any of my readers both exist (unlikely) and can’t remember who Warren Miller is, a brief recap:

Warren Miller is a pretentious, cigarette smoking, delinquent who has done nothing but insult and belittle me since Freshman year, and I’m pretty sure he’s the love of my life. Keith Handell is his even more delinquent best friend, who’s one true purpose in life is to break things.

I didn’t know Georgia was that close with them, but then, I don’t really know who else she would be close to. Like, apart from Madelyn does Georgia have any friends? Fuck I don’t know. Apparently she’s friends with Warren Miller.

Anyways, they’re gonna be here in like a few hours so I’m gonna go take a shower I guess? And like, brace myself. Maybe I’ll kiss Warren Miller at midnight. Hahahahaa if it was possible to bring Madelyn home by sheer force of her rage, that would be how. Wish me luck.

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