90s r&b

I’m just gonna take one more moment to really revel in the fact that Tilly’s back. And it’s even more fun now because we’re keeping it secret.

See, we realized yesterday that if Tilly was on our side now, she could spy on the cult pretty easily so we have to keep it on the dl that we’re friends again.

And by friends again I mean we totally made out in the supply closet outside the science room today. Lemme back up just a little bit:

So yesterday we were cuddling and Tilly sort of exploded with, “I think it’s probably for the best if we take it slow, don’t you? What with everything?”

And I said, “Yeah totally, that’s for the best.” Even though my brain was like noooo

But like, you know… it probably IS for the best if we don’t go from zero to a thousand, considering the complications. Like I still have these moments of panic about her dad and I’m like so pissed all the time and I really like this girl so like maybe we shouldn’t leap into this thing you know?

So I agreed, even though what I really wanted was to listen to nasty 90s R&B and make out.

But then today I was skipping Mr. Herman’s class obviously because I’m just gonna take the F I’m pretty sure I’ll still graduate, and I accidentally walked by her classroom and our eyes met and I sorta accidentally froze and she stared at me for like three full seconds before I remembered how to make my feet work.

I was practically running down the hall when I heard her say she had to pee and I turned around and there she was, striding towards me, curls bouncing and I had this sense of like oh fuck yes it’s so on and she walked me back into the lockers and girl we K I S S E D like explosion and idk it was definitely not in-the-hallway-of-the-high-school appropriate kinda kissing, so I sorta scrabbled behind me and found the closet door unlocked and we made out for like twenty minutes surrounded by mops and disinfectant.


And that’s about all the news I really have to share. We went back out into the woods again, this time with Tilly, but we didn’t see anything. Like I KNOW there’s gotta be something in there but 🤷🏼‍♀️ idk it’s not hurting anyone??? Lol I mean, except for us.

Oh, actually — I talked to Neal yesterday! He said they’re in California looking for Madelyn. And honestly I’m sort of hopeful? Like, I don’t know — I was so sure that those fucking cultists had her, you know? But they didn’t. I’ve been so sure that she’s here somewhere, but all evidence is to the contrary.

Look, everything Julian and Neal said weeks ago must be true — she must have been sticking it out to learn magic, so she could save me, and when she realized that they were going to kill her, she must have split.

That means that all I have to do is get rid of those fucking assholes and then Madelyn can come home. And listen up family I’m going to get rid of them. I’ll feed them to Feather Dog I don’t give a shit. Sorry Tilly, but I hate your dad and I’m going to get Madelyn back whatever it takes

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