We’re gaining on them. We’ll probably catch up with them within the next couple hours.

I don’t know what happened — they must have more eyes in more places than we knew, because they’ve veered off their course at a number of important points, and managed to avoid everyone who’s been set up to intercept them, but they’re just delaying the inevitable.

Knock and Daryl are heading up from the south, the Kellihers re-routed to make sure these assholes can’t get over the pass without being stopped, and we’re gaining on them. They have three cars according to Bass’ surveillance, ten guys total.

We’re out numbered, but I don’t think that’s a factor at this point. We brought a super hero with us.

Neal is taut as a wire. He just glares at the road and never lays off the gas. Sleep has been hard to come by with three people and two cars, we’re pretty much either driving or sleeping. We’re all living off whatever we can grab from convenience store when we stop for gas.

It should feel bad, but it feels good. For the first time all year I feel like an actual hunter, and we’re zeroing in our prey.

I can’t type it out

Julian’s dead

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